Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rhys' First Birthday Party

Rhys turned one, and we threw him a Viking themed pool party!  And the day went off, with a few minor snafus, remarkably well.

For one thing, the weather was super-cooperative.  Hot, of course, but when you're having a pool party that's probably not a terrible thing.

For another, lots of lovely people were able to come, and that ALWAYS helps make a party special.

And, if I do say so myself, the viking gear was off the hook.

First up, the invitations.  They were designed by the talented Laila, of TwoTinyLoves on Etsy.  She created PDF files for the invitations, address labels, a birthday banner, etc etc.  She sent me the PDFs, and I printed out everything and put it all together.  Was a wee bit of work, but since what I wanted I couldn't find anywhere it was totally worth it!

(address redacted to protect the not-entirely-innocent)

Then there was the crudites platter.  Or, more accurately, the crudites longship.

Don't even try to pretend you're not impressed by that.  Because you know you are.  And yes okay fine it's a spanish galleon that has had viking stripes painted on its sails and Norwegian flags added to the rigging.  But we can all pretend that strangely anachronistic vikings seized a galleon as spoils!

The important thing is, it was full of delightful nibbles.

And before you heap lauds upon me, be told:  I didn't make this.  Sandy insisted that we have the party catered because there was no way that he wanted to spend the whole of his son's first birthday grilling and he figured I was already nearly prostrate with exhaustion just putting together the invitations and assembling the goodie-bags (more on those later).  And there were like, 30 or 40 people coming.  So.  The caterer made the crudites galleon.  (And if anyone would like their contact information you may find it on their website.)  

Pity the waiters who had to trot around in the heat in white button-down shirts and black slacks!

(Note:  goodie-bags visible to far left as small mountain of cellophane)

They did an awesome job though - first passing around hors d'eovres while the crudites ship sailed on the nibbles table, then putting out a small mountain of barbequed offerings, and finally bringing out dessert.  Sandy was indeed wise - there's no way I could have done what these folks did.  

Cookies, brownies, cakes, fruit - AND passed cupcakes and ice cream cones!  
What's a birthday boy to do?

And since the wonderful folks from Etal were handling my guests' tummies, I was able to spend the whole of Rhys' birthday hanging with him in the pool.  Which was awesome.

As you can probably see, Rhys had a wonderful time.  Pool parties are total genius too if you've got a wide age-range of attendees - since it's a very free-form activity.

A few photos from the beginning of the party:

Little Timmy arrived from next door in a big wagon.  Rhys was enthralled.

Hanging out with his Great Aunt Maureen...(and obviously coveting her iced tea).

Kids in the little fountain.

Rhys playing in his little itsy-bitsy pool with his buddy Max.

Rhys' soon-to-be Godfather, Mark...

And Godmother, Harley...

Harley putting her shades on the birthday boy...(crudites ship sailing to left).

And now let us move on to the most important aspect of any 1 year old's birthday party.  CAKE.

Sandy said he had to smear his name for good luck, or something.  Rhys had zero problem doing this, and was indeed already in action before Sandy had finished even suggesting it.

Quality control.  Very important.

Alas, when it came time to actually eat the cake, Rhys was less interested in doing so.  Mostly he just wanted to check out the whole plate concept.  Food really being less interesting than the fact that it comes served on tiny frisbees. 

So we switched to ice cream.

And cookies.

And then it was time for folks to grab their goodie-bags and head home.  Here are a few of Rhys' cousins making their selections.

And here they are below modeling!

Sandy found viking helmets online...and also this website here.  I lost my tiny mind, I was so excited.  I ordered everything they had in stock in terms of tiny plush morning stars, swords and double bladed battle axes.  That rattle.  Note - the girls there both selected morning stars.  Do not mess with those girls.

Anyway - wanted to share Rhys' Viking Themed birthday party with y'all.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as he did!


Katie said...

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time -- Wish we could've been there!

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

What a great party! Too bad the caterers didn't come dressed like the Capital 1 guys :)

Suzanne said...

It truly was a perfect party!!

Lori said...

Wow, what a party! And yes, I was impressed by the "Vegi Ship"!! Are you making your pilgrimage to the "Great White North" for NewfStock 2012? Or is Rhys a bit too young yet?

Anonymous said...

Wishing Rhys many happy returns.

Heather said...

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